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The ChillBud™

The ChillBud™

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- Instantly makes warm beer ice cold in seconds.

- Freezes in minutes, perfect accessory to your cooler, freezer, or party!

- Stays frozen up to 45 minutes, built to stay cold for multiple beers at a time.


- Made of 304 Stainless Steel

- BPA Free

- Built with ChillBud's FGT Technology®

- Water tight seal

- Freezes in 20 minutes

- Stays frozen for 45 minutes

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Return Policy

The ChillBud has a 100% money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with ChillBud for any reason at all, you will recieve a full refund. Visit our FAQ page for more.

"GAME CHANGER! These work great for relaxing and having a few beers. Keeps my bottles cold to the last drop. Getting more as gifts!"

- Garrett Dweyer, Verified Customer


    The ChillBud is the perfect drinking accessory. Present at parties to impress your guests, toss in your cooler for the beach, or keep in your freezer for personal use.


    Koozies are the old way of keeping your beer cold. ChillBud keeps several beers cold and lasts long enough for all your festivities!


    ChillBud's FGT Tech is an advanced cooling gel inside the ChillBud that stays frozen longer than anything else on the market, keeping all your beers ice cold.

How it Works

Our FGT Technology revolutionizes the koozie. This advanced freezing component is designed to freeze in minutes and last multiple beers. Never drink a beer the same again! Ice cold to the last drop, guaranteed.


The Perfect Accessory

The ChillBud is perfect for any situation. Use as a party accessory to impress your guests, toss in any cooler for the beach or tailgate, or keep in your freezer at home for personal use.


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